fillibegs Golf Headcovers - made from genuine Scottish Kilt fabrics and English tweed fabrics.
Made in Germany.

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fillibegs Golf Headcovers  

[Scottish Gaelic: feileadhbeag: small kilt]

Traditional fabrics from Scotland and England give your golf bag an individual look and allow you a smoother and faster handling than ever before.
fillibegs Golf Headcovers are available for Drivers, Fairways, Hybrids, Irons and Putters and fit all different shapes and sizes. They are exclusively handmade in Germany.
Outer material:
You can choose from a variety of Scottish Kilt fabrics (= tartans) and English Tweed fabrics. Our fabrics are purchased at traditional woollen mills in Scotland and England. Of special interest to all avid golfer might be the fabric "Earl of St. Andrews" which as well as many others of the offered fabrics looks back on an especially interesting history. All our fabrics are made from pure new wool and therefore are water and stain-resitant.

For the lining we also only use the best materials: thin but extremely strong and rugged loden (traditional Bavarian cloth made from pure new wool in Germany).
Functionality and Design:

fillibegs headcovers allow you a way smoother and faster handling than you may be used to from conventional headcovers. The driver and fairway headcovers are available as Single Top or Double Top, with our Double Top design being even more comfortable to handle. The elastic in the headcover will ensure a firm fit.


Brandnew and in proven quality:
Our putter headcovers for blade putters and mallet putters. The outer material is Kilt fabric and the lower part is reinforced with our robust loden.

Our Putter Headcovers are available in different colours and patterns (see below).

Flat Tops:
Thanks to our new Flat Tops you can now choose a flatter shape aside from our well established round shapes (Single Tops und Double Tops):

Our Flat Tops are available in different colours and patterns (see below).

Iron Headcovers & Valuables Pouches:
Matching headcovers for your irons can be ordered individually or in sets of 3 or more.
And our pouches are great for storing anything you need handy before, during and after your round: your wallet, watch and keys will be safely stored and even your smartphone will be well protected due to an additional inner pocket.

Iron Headcovers and Valuables Pouches are available in different colours and patterns (see below).

Blogs, articles and reviews on fillibegs Golf Headcovers:

„… Aus diesem edlen Material fertigt fillibegs die qualitativ hochwertigen Headcover – schottische Kilt-Stoffe aber „Made in Germany“.“

„Das Handling ist super einfach. Ich finde es deutlich angenehmer als die typischen „Golfsocken“.“

You can choose from these colours and patterns:
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